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    Grove Art is a scholarly art encyclopedia covering all aspects of Western and non-Western visual art. It includes the full text of The Dictionary of Art, edited by Jane Turner (1996, 34 volumes), a comprehensive dictionary of art and artists. Grove Art Online is maintained with a regular update program to articles and bibliographies, and all new content continues to be written and peer reviewed by scholars and specialists. There are also extensive image links and key art images are displayed directly in the text of articles. It also includes entries from The Oxford Companion to Western Art (ed. Hugh Brigstocke, 2001).

    Sleepers, In Search of Lost Old Masters ~ Philip Mould. Hardcover. 224 pages. Publisher: Fourth Estate Ltd. English ISBN-10: 1857022181 ISBN-13: 978-1857022186 "For Philip Mould, nothing matches the thrilling process of identification, deduction and restoration which can turn a grubby "sleeper" into a major masterpiece. This work describes the high-risk, high-stakes game of art dealing - a game of fierce rivalry and ruthless competition."

    The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms provides entries on art terms, critical periods, and styles in the visual arts. The quick reference format includes materials, techniques, and foreign terms essential for navigating the current visual climate. Featuring clear definitions of movements and media, from Baroque to Minimalism, aquatint to raku, and canvas to Venetian glass, it provides succinct and accessible explanations of art terms.

    Encyclopedia of Aesthetics is the most substantial English-language reference work devoted solely to the exploration of this subject. It surveys the full breadth of critical thought on art, culture, and society; it is a comprehensive survey of major concepts, thinkers, and debates about the meaning, uses, and value of all the arts – from painting and sculpture to literature, music, theater, dance, television, film, and popular culture. Of special interest are in-depth surveys of Western aesthetics and broad coverage of non-Western traditions and theories of art.

    The Oxford Companion to Western Art Hardcover, 888 pages Publisher: Oxford University Press (November 22, 2001) English ISBN-10: 0198662033 ISBN-13: 978-0198662037 "Providing coverage of over 1,700 artists and their work. Articles give fresh treatment to topics of contemporary interest, including art movements, theory, and criticism. In addition to thorough regional and cultural surveys, it lists all relevant museums and galleries under the city of their location, such as Barcelona and Moscow."

    SPIRIT AND ART Pictures of the Transformation of Consciousness Van James. ISBN 9780880104975 May 2002. AP. 280pages Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press. "Art, originally a part of the secret mystery cults of the ancient world, has become an expression of the individual creative intuition. This richly readable and lavishly illustrated text reveals how human consciousness has evolved through the medium of art. It makes the case for a hidden stream that has put forth art works and art movements throughout history, in an ongoing visible revelation of invisible spiritual currents. Look with Van James at an installation by Josef Beuys, an altar by Hieronymus Bosch, or a cave drawing by a Paleolithic artist, and the spiritual language of art begins to whisper from these pages. A treasury of wisdom that excavates the world history of art and interprets the cultural marrow of our ancestors as evidence of humanity's evolving consciousness, thereby encouraging the spiritual potential latent in the arts today."

    Benezit Dictionary of Artists Hardcover. 20608 pages Publisher: Grund (1 Mar 2006) Language English ISBN-10: 2700030702 ISBN-13: 978-2700030709 The classic French artist encyclopedia, Dictionnaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs Benezit or Benezit for short, one of the most popular, best selling, and widely consulted art reference books in the world has again been revised and expanded. "The newly titled Benezit Dictionary of Artists means no more fumbling through artist listings, French-English dictionary at your side, trying to figure out exactly what you're reading. The last major revision was done in 1999 when the encyclopedia expanded from ten to fourteen volumes. This new translated edition, also fourteen volumes, has increased to over 20,000 pages with thousands of updates and addtions, and includes over 170,000 artists of all time periods and nationalities. Every artist entry contains basic biographical information, specialties (painter, sculptor, printmaker, etc.) and, when available, birth and death dates, signature examples, price records, exhibition histories, awards, career milestones, and relevant genealogical details."