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Commission sales & global sourcing agents. We act on behalf of individual & corporate clients; sourcing through private treaty, the fine art trade and at auction. Paintings bought and sold, framing, restoration, interiors consultation and fine art lectures.

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The Fine Art Partnership – the fine art trade insiders

Paintings bought and sold

• Do you have 15th-20th Century fine art paintings to sell?
• Not sure where to get the best price for higher-value pieces by recognised artists and Old Masters?

The Fine Art Partnership has combined decades of insider experience in the fine art trade with contacts at the top auction houses, including Christie’s and Sotheby’s. We get you the absolute best prices for original painting sales, and are often able to buy outright with immediate payment to you. What’s more, when acting as agents, we don’t have the high overheads that a London dealer may do, so you’ll find our commission charges surprisingly reasonable – contact us to find out more

Fine Art Consultancy

As fine art trade insiders, we’ll find you the most sought after pieces whenever they appear for auction or private sale, again without the steep commission associated with London dealers.

Looking for a truly inspiring set of pieces for a corporate or home interior? Our consultancy service deals with everything for you, including selection, curation, shipping, delivery, framing, and insurance. Plus, we’ll arrange expert valuations and restorations that you can really trust, leaving you free to appreciate great art while we handle the details. If you have a big fine art project to manage, don’t hesitate to talk it through with one of our experts.